Lake Dunmore / Fern Lake Association

To Protect and enhance the natural vitality of Lake Dunmore and Fern Lake
while preserving the recreational and lifestyle interests of the lake community.


Dunmore Dip: One minute - that is how much time our winner, Preston Turner was off the official time of the LDFLA Dunmore Dip Ice Out at 1:05pm April 15.  His guess was 1:06 pm.  Mr. Turner is resident of Salisbury and an active member of the Salisbury Conservation Commission.  He skates on Dunmore in the winter and visits Branbury Beach in the summer.  He has entered the Dunmore Dip many times in the past.   LDFLA thanks Mr. Turner for helping LDFLA's milfoil control program.


April 2015 President's Update


A few things to acknowledge Trustee actions that have been processed in the last month: 


Things coming in the next month:


Now please everyone be thinking hard about Spring time!

Best regards,

Chip Paison

LDFLA President


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