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March 2015 President's Note

Caught on camera at the statehouse!

To start the legislative session the Department of Environmental Conservation Aquatic Invasives Species section coordinated a presentation at the “Card Room” in the Statehouse.  The Card Room is the anteroom to the house chambers and entrance to the floor. 

This was a great opportunity with an unexpected two-fold gain in the fight against Eurasian Milfoil. 

         First is probably obvious, a chance to interact with legislators about the issue that we have and to reinforce the idea that Vermont Can’t Afford
not to continue providing funding to support lakes/municipalities in the battle to stop the spread of invasive species and the costly work to manage infestations that exist. 

         Secondly, several other Lake Associations were invited and when legislators were not in the area I was in discussion about approaches being used by others to win against milfoil.  Our conversations were about the costs, the impacts to those guiding the efforts, the lack of predictability, and the explosion of growth experienced during 2015.

Approaches to combat the infestation:  Well, that was completely lake specific depending on size, resources, how much area is infested, and finally what permits had been approved (herbicidal, suction harvesting, bottom barriers, mechanical harvesting, isolation).

Cost:  The amount and measurement again is not universal nor well known.  Most aren’t tracking comprehensive cost.  All seem to have different ways of calculating removal rate.  There is a general challenge in evaluating cost as it depends on density of infestation, the technique used to reduce population, the type of growth experienced year over year.  In the end a lot of variables to track.

Beyond Milfoil is Communications! 

The communications committee has determined that now is a good time for examining the needs and desires of the community.  The method will be to send a brief survey out to the membership.  The wish is we get a large number of replies to represent the broader population around the lakes.  The design is to assess what, when and how people are interested in receiving information about the association’s activities. Once we receive the feedback then we’ll provide the analytics.  Please take a few minutes and complete the survey when it arrives; you can’t be replaced.

Best regards,

Chip Paison

LDFLA President


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